New Medicines Service (NMS)

Pharmacy Contract Services New Medicines ServiceThe New Medicines Service (NMS) is an Advanced Level service introduced as part of the community pharmacy contract in October 2011 and it has been agreed that the NMS will continue to be funded until April 2015

The NMS is currently remunerated at approximately £20 to £28 per review, dependent on the banding your pharmacy falls into.


Consider the following;

  • Is your pharmacy providing this service to the highest quality and benefit to your patients?
  • Do you have the time to collate all the data required?
  • Can you afford to lose this additional income ?

If the answers to the above questions are “NO” then why not register for further information on NMS? Register using the form to the right or call us on 0203 6519 492

The following are links to useful NMS documentation and resources for pharmacists and pharmacy managers;